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Email Marketing Features

Email Personalisation

Personalised emails with custom fields such as name or company name.

HTML, Text or Both (Multipart)

Multipart emails are sent as HTML and text and your subscriber's email client will show whichever version it supports best.

Send Now or Later

With full support for scheduled sending, we can blast your email out immediately or schedule it to go out at a later more convenient time.

Double Opt-In Confirmation

Keeping your list clean and follow best practices by requiring new subscribers to click a link in an email (generated and sent automatically) to verify they want to join your list.

Automatic Bounce Handling

Bounced emails (both soft and hard) are processed and removed from your list for you automatically, meaning your list is always clean.

Email Bounce Tracking

Bounces are handled for you automatically and you can view reports showing which email addresses bounced, when and why, with an exact error message from the email provider, such as "Email address doesn't exist".

Email Open Reporting

You can see exactly who opened your email and when. View the data as a visually appealing bar chart or as a data table with more detail.

You can view the open rate report for the last 7 days, last 30 days, last year or even a custom date range.

Link Click Tracking

See which links were clicked, by who and when. Your sales team can follow up with leads who've shown interest in your products by clicking a link in your email.

"Do Not Mail" List

The built-in email suppression tool allows you to keep a list of contacts who shouldn't (and won't) be sent your emails under any circumstance.

Easy, Automatic Unsubscribes

Unsubscribe Links, which are required by law in most countries are processed for you automatically giving you and your subscribers peace of mind.

Unsubscribe Reporting

See unsubscribe statistics for each email campaign you send, either for a specific date or over time.

You can view the details of everyone who unsubscribed and see the unsubscribe rate relative to open and bounce rates.

Forward to a Friend Link

Encourage subscribers to share your email by including a "forward to a friend" link in your email. You can even see a report on who forwarded your email to a friend and when!

RSS Archive of Sent Emails

Automatically creates an RSS archive of emails sent, making it easy for you to display the archive on your website or anywhere that supports RSS.